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Nadir has been emailing me over the past few days (until I had to block him).

He knows I'm doing a series of videos and articles on him, so he sent me his favorite picture of himself to use in my posts.

You tell them both "No." The good child accepts your decision and stands quietly. You go to the grocery store, and both kids ask for candy.Here's the latest Qur'an sensitivity training from the Department of Defense.Muhammad allowed his followers to practice a form of prostitution called Muta.In Muhammad's time, a Muslim could pay a woman for "temporary marriage," which would last a few hours or a few days.

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(He calls this his "approved picture.")I was surprised to see that Nadir's best picture of himself is so depressing, but then I realized how lonely Nadir must be. When we were done, Nadir tried to get everyone to hang out with him.

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