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These two had arranged to meet after connecting on Modamily, a social network for single people who want to have a child and share the responsibilities of raising it with a partner. In her late 30s at the time, Busic already had a daughter from a previous marriage and wanted to have another child. '" According to Modamily, 2,000 Canadians are registered on its site.Schulz who is gay, was in his 40s, single and still yearning to be a dad. Another 1,000 have signed up with Family By Design, just one of several co-parenting websites out there.There are all kinds of support systems for single parents in Toronto.You can see a therapist or counsellor, speak to friends, or your kid’s teachers.

It’s been while since you’ve caught the wondering eye of someone other than your five-year-old."The psychological well-being, the social relationships, the social functioning of these children growing up in these families." According to sociologists looking at this new phenomenon, there are several societal factors contributing to it, including the fact that "adulthood as we define it has been delayed," said Andrea O'Reilly, a York University professor who teaches women's studies and family courses.In her generation, she said, getting married, having children and a job by your mid-20s was the plan.After a few months getting to know each other, Busic and Schulz decided to try for a baby and started their own artificial insemination at home. According to the Centre for Family Research at Cambridge University in the U."I was a little unprepared for how novel of an idea this seemed to everybody," said Busic. K., "elective co-parenting has been more prevalent among gay men and lesbian women." "However, there has recently been an increase in co-parenting arrangements among heterosexual men and women." This finding came from an initial online survey of 102 participants that was published in 2015.

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