Is matt smith still dating daisy lowe

Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe ended their 18-month relationship in 2011 amid reports that the star of Doctor Who felt “tied down”.

Smith now appears to have realised those ties might not be so constricting after all.

But although their relationship seems to have fallen foul of the celebrity curse, there appears to be another reason why Matt wasn’t keen to commit to Daisy any longer.

The source added that he was scared of settling down and felt ‘uncomfortable’ whenever marriage was mentioned.

The unlikely couple were photographed walking in the sunshine together in London on Monday, along with Daisy's little dog Montie, looking happy and very much an item. Even in my early twenties, all I wanted was to settle down and have a family, but now it's time to get out there, follow my dreams and have some fun." Daisy, 27, has had a number of high-profile romances, with past boyfriends including Mark Ronson and in May, stating: "Daisy and Thomas split about a month ago.

It's all very amicable, they had lots of fun and a great time together.

Matt Smith showed the world his relationship with Daisy Lowe is firmly back on over the weekend - he was spotted groping her bottom backstage at London's Hackney Weekend.

They have named the baby Alfred and given him the Earl of Euston title that Henry chose not to use between the death of his father in 2009 and his inheritance of the dukedom in 2011.His eyes just lit up and they were locked into deep conversation - hugging each other all the time.At one point he gave her bum a big squeeze." Cheeky!Daisy was recently photographed leaving Matt's London flat before he emerged, and an insider revealed: "Matt adores Daisy.After weeks of speculation, Daisy Lowe has seemingly confirmed a new romance – with none other than Darius Campbell.

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