Jason thompson and kim mccullough dating

You could almost (that it basically single-handedly saved the show for us during the dark, dark early 2000's era. Not even freaking BLOG WARS dimmed their cuteness (okay, it did dim it by a lot, but they successfully rebounded from it)!

Kimberly Mc Cullough and Jason Thompson had such fabulous, natural chemistry that for YEARS, the most common search that led Googlers to Serial Drama was "Are Kimberly Mc Cullough and Jason Thompson dating in real life? LUCKY AND ELIZABETH (THE EARLY YEARS) The writer tried their hardest to ruin this pairing with the absolutely wretched writing Jacob Young's Lucky received, the completely un-Lucky characterization Greg Vaughan was given, and the tragedy and tear filled turn their relationship took during Jonathan Jackson's last stint in Port Charles.

“To my dear Jason Thompson,” wrote Finola Hughes (Anna) on Twitter, “I have loved sharing every moment with you on-screen. Love always.” Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Carlos) posted, “Jason Thompson is one of the best actors and humans I’ve had the pleasure to work with!

He will be greatly missed on GH.” Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer) shared a photo of himself with Thompson and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) along with his sentiment, “Best of luck to you, Jason Thompson.

"), they had a serious spark that lit up the screen on top of that. This was not a couple that really withstood the test of new actors in the roles.In 2015, Mc Cullough was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst (which she believed to be a brain tumor).Following that, her mastiff, Melba, died at just past 14 years. Then Mc Cullough learned some very happy news, that she was pregnant with a girl. She wrote, "My heart was so full and then it broke...anyone who has gone through it knows, losing a baby at 22 weeks is tragic.As a result of this new goal, she left She was frantically working in the lab trying to come up with a drug to help Jason Morgan when the lab exploded.Robin was presumed dead, particularly when a badly burned body was found in the lab.

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Thompson popped the question to Jones during a romantic getaway in Mexico on July 8, 2014.

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