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You were then part of the battle royal at Wrestle Mania 27. It's hard because we put in the grind and the midcard guys and the lower-tiered guys, there at all the house shows, all the European tours.It seems like every year it's getting harder and harder for talent to get on the card even though it's longer than it used to be with the four hours for the event and then the pre-show. But at the same time, you've got to understand and realize that Vince Mc Mahon is running a business. You can say what you want about the guy, but as far as a businessman, I don't think that there is many that are much smarter than he. And you got guys coming back now and getting in those main event spots and getting that big payday, and that's where we want to be. Wrestling INC: When you finally made your decision to leave WWE, how long had you been considering it? It's hard because I couldn't give them what they wanted.

He feels like twenty, with his heart beating at a kiss he will remember for the rest of his life.

I used to have no fear, but that is no longer true. That has proven problematic—you may remember my broken leg in a dirt bike accident—but that is also the ingredient that has allowed me to elevate myself in pro wrestling.

With a wife and two girls at home, I’m more afraid now than ever. I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far in my career, but the finish line is nowhere in sight.

In part two of the interview below, we discussed how hard it is to get a spot on the Wrestle Mania card, part-timers getting top spots at Wrestle Mania, why he decided to leave WWE, the upcoming The Price of Fame documentary and much more.

Click here for part one of the interview, where Dibiase discussed his time with WWE, if he was pushed too quickly, his legendary father, Daniel Bryan's success and more. Also, you can help support , which features both Ted Dibiase Jr. The film takes a look at Ted Di Biase Jr.'s journey to learn his father's road to redemption, while spotlighting Ted Di Biase Sr.'s life and wrestling career.

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This edition includes The Shoot from Jeff Hardy, the weekly top ten, the Nitro Files with Eric Bischoff, the “Road to Wrestle Kingdom” with Kushida, and Five Questions with Major League Baseball’s Adam Jones.

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