Windows xp halts while updating windows 98

To find out what products are available when you upgrade, log in to your Trend Micro Account.

On your Trend Micro Account, you should see the complete description of your Trend Micro program which includes the version/year.

The following message has been displayed on the screen for the last almost hour or so: I'm guessing something went wrong and it's stuck in some sort of infinite loop or it's waiting for some event that didn't happen.

Anyway, at what point should I assume that the update failed?

A link is included for the instruction to upgrade to latest version.

If your hard drive LED is blinking, the machine's probably still doing something.

If you don't have an LED, put your ear to the machine and listen for disk activity.

There are other things to check in the text file too.

------------------ [email protected][This message has been edited by Reid (edited ).]I've read the and I have also tried installing from the HDD and the CDROM drive. The screen shows 100% of the "Preparing to run Win 98 Setup" but then freezes.

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